Hunter Army Airfield. About 11 miles long from north to south, the island is not capable of supporting more than one airport, so the field is split between civilian operations and military operations.All the military support facilities line one side of the runway, and the passenger terminal, if you will, is very small on the other side, Schulz says. "Both the Nike-Zeus system of the late 1950s and the Nike-X system of the 1960s had been perennial JCS recommendations for deployment as active defense systems, justified primarily in terms of what McNamara called 'damage limitation,' i.e., protection of US population and industry. Gaia. Of course, some of them are joint-operated. Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Ken Bruce finishes his 30-year tenure as host of BBC Radio 2, Moment teenager crashes into back of lorry after 100mph police race, Alex Murdaugh unanimously found GUILTY of murder of wife and son, Isabel Oakeshott clashes with Nick Robinson over Hancock texts, Family of a 10-month-old baby filmed vaping open up, Ukrainian soldier takes out five tanks with Javelin missiles. 348 N 117 48 W. 20. The Air Force estimated that the array would help it shed 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, while saving upward of $1 million. PLUS: The Air Force Secretly Acquired a New Russian Missile System. Helendale, Lockhead Underground Facility, 3444.7 N 1170 18.5 W. Technology for secret projects. The exercise was meant to demonstrate the U.S.s commitment to NATO and "to build strategic readiness by deploying a combat credible force to Europe" according to the U.S. European Command. The Pentagon says there are around 5,000 bases in total with around 600 overseas. Books 5, 6, and 7 are now out, the running series is complete. With windstorms, snowstorms, thin oxygen, and frigid temperatures, not only is the site expensive to operate, but its also costly in terms of human sacrifice. "This was action to free child-trafficked children and arrest deep state cabal members. The location was selected out of a necessity for dryness of ground as well as its near total lack of population. (And I've had insiders like Jacob, from the space program, tell me that there are these air apertures on these underground bases, and they can partially open them or close them and then ventilate air through them, and it's like blowing into a trumpet and getting this big, resonant sound. U.S. Army Europe Deputy Commanding General Andrew M. Rohling addresses the media during a press conference in Berlin, Jan. 14, 2020, on the Defender 2020 military exercise. Aug. 27, 2020. Background: The public first heard about this top-secret site now run by the Department of Homeland Security in 1974, but it has operated for longer than that, with weather history dating to the 1800s and uses during World War II. How Its Unique: Hangar 511 is one of only three hangars, military or civilian, to achieve LEED Silver certification. Still, even though the idea of building a super-hardened DUCC remains as ambitious today as it did in the 1960s, it's fascinating to think about how the United States almost built what might have been the best-protected underground base more than a half a mile underneath the Washington, D.C. area. There are bases that are underwater, on the surface of the ocean floor, and there are also subterranean bases below the ocean floor. [1], There are four subshuttles in operation. It has, I think, the largest fabric hangar doors ever constructed, Schulz says. Take, for example, the Swedish underground military facility at Musko. 15:34 GMT 15 Dec 2013 National parks desert polar ice caps sea those that scatter. In 1961, the U.S. military had already begun to implement the National Mission Command System (NMCS), which included two bunkers, a hardened National Military Command Center at the Pentagon and an Alternate National Military Command Center (ANMCC). An underground command and control bunker sat underneath the radar and the above-ground portions of its powerplant, which ensured self-sufficient operation, are seen at the left.. A description of the DUCC communication link concept that informed the testing around Diablo Hawk., E-4B National Airborne Operations Centers. Air conditioners help U.K. and U.S. forces counter the sweltering heat of the region. [17], There are extraterrestrial sealabs all over the world. Retweets. "The aircraft, operating on ground alert at Andrews [Air Force Base outside Washington, D.C.], would require 10 to 15 minutes to become airborne and another 10 minutes to fly beyond the lethal range of a 50 MT weapon if airburst over Andrews. Josh Begley, a data artist, decided to set himself the task of mapping all known U.S. military bases around the world, and collect satellite pictures of them using Google and Bing Maps. The 1963 memorandum does not say where exactly the DUCC would be located, but, plans from McNamara's office showed it was to have been buried under the Potomac River, which lies roughly halfway between the Pentagon and the White House, according to Raven Rock: The U.S. Government's Secret Plan To Save Itself While The Rest Of Us Die. In the late 1980s, the E-6A Hermes, later renamed the E-6A Mercury, also took over the TACAMO role from the Navy's previous EC-130-based platforms. It was established on May 13, 1946 and, a year later, testing on the German A-4 (V-2) rocket began. stated on March 2, 2023 a speech at CPAC: stated on February 7, 2023 an Instagram post: stated on January 29, 2023 an image shared on Instagram: stated on January 18, 2023 a Facebook post: stated on January 9, 2023 a video shared on Instagram: stated on January 6, 2023 a video shared on Facebook: stated on January 1, 2023 an image shared on Instagram: stated on January 4, 2023 an image shared on Instagram: stated on December 10, 2022 a video on Instagram: stated on December 11, 2022 a TikTok shared on Facebook: stated on November 28, 2022 an image shared on Instagram: stated on February 19, 2023 in a Facebook post: stated on February 24, 2023 in an Instagram post: stated on March 2, 2023 in a speech at CPAC: stated on February 25, 2023 in a Facebook post: stated on February 22, 2023 in a Facebook post: stated on February 26, 2023 in an Instagram post: stated on February 27, 2023 in a Facebook post: stated on February 15, 2023 in a Facebook post: All Rights Reserved Poynter Institute 2020, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Most of the bases are self-contained. And then a lot of times, they would just drill really deep holes, put in charges of high plastiques, things that detonate at well over 32,000 feet per second, that just turn the rock to dust, no matter how hard it is, and then they excavate it. ), The DUMBs recycle air from time to time. ventilating the air out of an underground base makes a trumpet noise almost like a tornado siren. some of these trumpet noises people are hearing on a wider scale in the skies are actually an energetic shock wave coming from the Sun, the sound is coming from energy coming from the Sun interacting with our upper atmosphere.[2], Multiple whistleblowers have revealed that the casinos themselves are intimately involved with the military-industrial complex, if not directly owned by them in many cases. Other complex portals are found on military bases. The elevators and transit system would allow personnel to get into the tunnel networks thousands of feet below within 10 minutes and into the actual DUCC itself within 15 minutes. but other things going down there, as Corey can also relate to of working on different types of devices, such as different types of vehicles, number one, space vehicles; also, the medical stuff I talked to you about in the last episodes, with all the storing of cloned bodies and whatnot. They would go in and clean whatever out that they needed and then finish it off. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the . And there was a whole lot of scuttlebutt on the Internet about it, and then it kind of died off. Background: Once a ballistic missile radar home in the 1970s, the outdated system is still in use, while the airstrip serves as an active emergency landing zone. The White House and the Presidential retreat at Camp David both have underground bunkers and, until 1992, there was a bunker complex situated near the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia intended to house Congress. Background: What started as Camp Detrick in the 1940s quickly turned into a long-standing home for the U.S. military. The World Health Organization has been working since 1974 on vaccines to create permanent sterility., Americans who worked through the pandemic are being paid up to $26,000 by qualifying for the Employee Retention Credit., All gender affirming care for children is 100% experimental. They go down several more floors than anyone that work in the building know about, get on an underground train system, and are shuttled to anywhere in the world in a matter of an hour or two, to where they can work in these underground bunkers and facilities. He was also a member of the National Security Council during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Interesting this film was lost fr Streaming on Roku. "The false claims made in the video have zero basis in reality. It's located near Brooks Lake. "Economic considerations favored a construction site in a deep mine near Cripple Creek, Colo., but SAC found the location too remote from its main headquarters and operationally disadvantageous for continuity," according to IDA's 1975 review. Then a Man in Black forced him into the shadow world of black budgets, military underground bases and the secret war with the Grey aliens. Warner Robins Air Force Base. But that's when we were really learning. [11][12] The shuttles travel by the use of high-intensity compressed air, and are extremely fast. They look like luxury malls or hotels in Dubai. They can make it look like a hurricane's coming,too, with clouds and all sorts of amazing sci-fi effects that are very realistic, as far as the lighting goes, and the way it makes you feel like you're looking into infinity. How Its Unique: One-of-a-kind bases like Cheyenne pose countless construction challenges and need to satisfy seemingly impossible requirements, like being able to withstand multi-megaton attacks. Background: Temporary Deployable Accommodations, or TDAs, are the brainchild of global engineering firm KBR. . Background: Within two months of the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt set aside the first 127,000 acres of Dugway Proving Ground in Utahs Great Salt Lake Desert. One tunnel connects to a port of docked submarines, which are in turn piloted to a living energetic crystal cavern. How Its Unique: Site Rs mission is to facilitate the Continuity of Operations Plan, a blueprint for how the government would reposition itself if a major catastrophe strikes. How Its Unique: The Chinese have taken a resort island and turned underwater tunnels into an entrance to an underground naval base. And Where Are They Headed Next. These rings form buttresses which stop the lenticular cracks from forming. In addition, airborne command and control centers remain at the core of how the National Command Authority would communicate with the elements of the U.S. nuclear triad during a major crisis. And then, again, there are also Navy expeditions that have gone and found beautiful underwater caverns that lead to areas underground that are perfect for sealing off and pumping all the water out, pressurizing, and building a base. Steven Greer M.D. Learn more about your ad-choices at See omnystudio.c Show Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Ep CLASSIC: Deep Underground Military Bases - Nov 17, 2020 20006, Florida How Its Unique: Apart from the massive amounts of coral, missiles make up another major portion of this Pacific atoll. This is the "Unholy 6" base of the Orions. Even if the DUCC bunker itself was feasible, there were questions about whether associated communications infrastructure could ever be robust enough to ensure that it would function as intended in the aftermath of a massive Soviet nuclear strike. promote openness and transparency at all levels of government, Site R is proud to open up its top. How Its Unique: Each eight-man tent is built from PVC-barrel cover and a composite insulation liner. In 1963, McNamara's office had estimated that the "austere" DUCC would cost $110 million, almost $928 million in 2020 dollars, between the 1965 and 1969 Fiscal Years, almost $760 million of which would be for construction alone. How Its Unique: Troops stationed in this barely inhabitable war zone face endless peril. Check This Out: The Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe. PLUS: The Army Found a Way to Keep Your Hands Warm Without Gloves. Salisbury, location of the contentious Imber Live Firing Range, is still used regularly to put Royal Marines through the wringer. [7], There are two different modes of transportation. Both times are in excess of the upper limit of expected tactical warning.". Musko engineers blasted out 1,500,000 cubic meters of stone in order to build it (4) (5). The entrance of the silencing facility is designed as a drive-in, like a Jiffy Lube for Naval vessels. Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlins collapse was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. Gaia. In response to his question as to what this was, he was told it stood for Deep Underground Command and Control Site, a facility that would be located several thousand feet underground, between the White House and the Pentagon, designed to survive a ground burst of a 20-megaton bomb and sustain the president and key advisers for several months until it would be safe to exit through tunnels emerging many miles outside Washington," wrote in an article in the October 2006 edition of the Arms Control Association's Arms Control Today magazine. Location: Diego Garcia BIOT, Chagos Archipelago. . Fort Stewart. Daily Mail Reporter, Mom who lost both sons to fentanyl blasts laughing Biden, Missing hiker buried under snow forces arm out to wave to helicopter, Pavement where disabled woman gestured at cyclist before fatal crash, Isabel Oakeshott receives 'menacing' message from Matt Hancock, Pro-Ukrainian drone lands on Russian spy planes exposing location, 'Buster is next!' . . In addition, the Space Force uses satellite and ground-based systems to watch for missile attacks and to keep North America safe. How Its Unique: USAMRIID is the only Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory under the purview of the Department of Defense. ", U.S. troops were deployed to Europe in preparation for a joint military exercise with European allies that was later scaled back due to the coronavirus. How Its Unique: Located at over 21,000 feet, the Siachen Glacier isnt your run-of-the-mill military outpost. Learn more about your ad-choices at See omnystudio.c Show Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Ep CLASSIC: Deep Underground Military Bases - 17 Nov 2020 While testing around Diablo Hawk provided valuable data for a new DUCC project, there is no indication that the U.S. military ever pursued building one. How Its Unique: Dugways massiveness allows it to be the premier site for testing defense systems against chemical and biological weapons, as well as military-grade smoke bombs. The vast majority of them are built to be self-contained and to house a certain amount of people, anywhere from 10, 20 to 100 years, and sustain them. Of all the state's Florida and North Dakota have the least amount of entrances. "The DUCC proposal was controversial and raised many questions, including the technical-engineering feasibility and costs, the elements of the NMCS that it might displace, and the command authorities who might be included in it (the JCS [Joint Chiefs of Staff] were among those scheduled to be included if it ever came to pass)," according to IDA's 1975 study. It goes to Australia. The elevators would have discreet entrances, allowing designated individuals to make a break for the bunker undetected, straight from their offices. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. As an atoll, the land itself is rather oddly shaped, too. How Do Solar Panels Work? Other complex portals are found on military bases. Kings Bay Naval Submarine Bay. This is why they have put so many resources into building these more advanced bases, like the one I'm talking about in Brazil that I've heard referenced as a Zazi base and a few other terms. [1]. . . The claims are part of a 15-minute video riddled with conspiracy theories about everything from hydroxychloroquine to Bill Gates investments. During World War II, the facility played a vital role in the development of incendiary bombs.In order to test the fire-causing weapons, crews at Dugway built replicas of German and Japanese villages, even going so far as to fill the model buildings with furniture that would be similar to that found in the respective country. Quote Tweets. It also included plans for a National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP) and the National Emergency Command Post Afloat (NECPA). High in the mountains north of Jammu and Kashmir, both India and Pakistan have disputed the site, although the Indian Army has a base and controlling interest of two of the main mountain passes. With military bases on every continent, in every corner of the world, for the kinds of tasks they perform, it's no wonder that many of the locations are blacked out and hidden from public view. 33. It is, in fact, the US's northernmost military base in the world, located just 1,524km from the North Pole and 1,207km north of the Arctic Circle. There ARE shuttle tubes that 'shoot' the trains at incredible speeds using a mag-lev and vacuum method. While the complex itself might be able to survive repeated hits from weapons with yields of hundreds of megatons, it would still need some sort of links to the outside world. Dive Deeper: The Water From Your Tap Is an Engineering Marvel Millennia in the Making. "The center could include an office where people, such as yourself, could conveniently spend a day every week or two to conduct business almost as usual and be in a position to assume National Command in the event of a no-warning attack on Washington," Hitch wrote to McNamara. Today, the remains of the German village are eligible to be included on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. [4], The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass. How its Unique: In addition to testing early ballistic missiles, Kapustin Yar was the site of some of the Soviet Unions first suborbital animal flights. Facilities like these are all about redundancies, Shulz says, and the safety requirements needed for BSL-4 certification are extensive and complex. The out-of-the-way site helps with plenty of testing of all sorts free of ship and radio traffic. And it pops up in a . "Forces already deployed to Europe for other linked exercises will return to the United States.". Background: Around 1980, the Navy began overhauling Kings Bay to be the East Coast location for Ohio-class nuclear submarines, a project that took nearly a decade and cost $1.3 billion, making it the largest peacetime construction project for the Navy at the time. The designers also avoided using conventional sliding hangar doors and opted for Megadoors, which are made from fabric and pulled vertically, similar to blinds in a bedroom. Both sides have set up military installations in the imposing Karakoram range, where 3-mile-high mountain peaks are the norm. One is under Creststone, CO. That one is under expansion. Additionally, the Army said most but not quite all of the planned exercises that would have been part of Defender-Europe 20 were canceled. Today, Edwards is home to the Air Force Flight Test Center and NASAs Dryden Flight Research Center, both of which are molding the future of aviation. Abstract. Background: A small island off the coast of Washington State, the U.S. Navy purchased land on Indian Island in 1939. Beyond that, "order-of-magnitude estimates of 5,000-10,000 psi [pounds per square inch of pressure] hardening against 100-megaton weapons, for example, were based on theoretical calculations and were received in some quarters as speculations," IDA's researchers noted. Digital IDs were given to residents in East Palestine, Ohio, to track long term health problems like difficulty breathing before the Feb. 3 train derailment. The exercise was scaled back due to COVID-19 concerns. In 2009, the Australian Department of Defence announced plans to upgrade antiquated equipment at the facility, indicating that Pine Gap has a long future ahead of it. But they have . New Mexico and Arizona have the largest amounts of entrances followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. 21. All four of these aircraft remain in service today. The design would be scalable, with an initial "austere size" of 10,000 square feet capable of supporting 50 individuals and the ability to expand that to "moderate" dimensions of 100,000 square feet to accommodate 300 personnel. The 700-foot-long covered drydock, one of the largest in the world, is impressive, but what really stands out is the state of the art Magnetic Silencing Facility. The Defense Nuclear Agency's report had to do with testing of various types of structures, including tunnels and boreholes for armored communications cables, under laboratory conditions ahead an underground test of a W87 warhead, known as shot Diablo Hawk, which was part of Operation Cresset. Schnieder was killed two months later on January 11th, 1996. The immediate benefit of the bases size is that it provides plenty of space in case an aircraft (or spacecraft) gets a bit out of control, but Schulz also points out that it helps cut down on noise pollution for nearby civilian populations. And they're absolutely spread out all over the place. Chinas October Surprise. Wisdom Teachings. The NMCS wasn't limited to hardened underground facilities, either. [15], The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night.[16], There is a small base underneath Mountanair, NM. In this country during the early 1950s, numerous subterranean bases were built that would allow the president and certain members of his cabinet and congress to survive a nuclear attack. Join Ben and Matt as they dive deep (underground) in today's classic episode. 33701 . so you're going through two different types of security. Before the end of 1965, Johnson finally shot the entire project down, according to Spurgeon Keeny, Jr, who served as the President's Science Adviser under Dwight Eisenhower, as well as Kennedy and Johnson. This had served to highlight the concerns about the vulnerabilities within existing continuity of government plans that had prompted the DUCC proposal, to begin with. The Transamerican Underground Subshuttle System (T.A.U.S.S.) There's an underground war being waged against the Greys who are kidnapping vast numbers of humans for unknown purposes and Leon's in the thick of it. The jaw-dropping revelations. The U.S. leases 11 of the 97 small islands that make up the atoll and surround a central lagoon perfectly suited for reentry of airborne items. Unfortunately, they have extremely limited bandwidth, inherently preventing them from sending any sort of complex message. Army training leads to pollution, bomb craters and other forms of environmental damage, Pearson said in a press statement shortly after the book's publication. Photo of electric charging station powered by diesel generator is emblematic of the electric vehicle movement. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. "A deeply buried command and control center for the National Military Command System (NMCS) is an attractive option, based on an evaluation of performance, survivability, and cost," a 1978. [10] They were later upgraded to egg-shaped shuttles powered by a maglev system, hydraulics system and vacuum system. George Air Force Base, CA - saucer base. In the coming years, the hangar will be instrumental in housing the P-8 Poseidon and its 120-foot wingspan. There's only a small percentage, globally, that are a part of this underground network. ", Email interview with NATO official, Jan. 29, 2021, Euronews, "Trump sending 20,000 troops to train with Europeans on Russian border," accessed Jan. 29, 2021, DEFENDER-EUROPE 20, "About DEFENDER-Europe 20," accessed Jan. 29, 2021, The Hill, "US military cuts back troops to participate in European exercise over virus fears," March 11, 2020, DEFENDER-EUROPE 20, "Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 Announcement - COVID-19 Implications," March 17, 2020, Deutsche Welle, "US troops arrive in Germany for 'Defender Europe 20' military maneuvers," Feb. 21, 2020, U.S. Army, "DEFENDER-Europe 20 modified in size and scope," March 16, 2020, EUCOM, "DEFENDER-Europe 20 Begins With 1st Combat Power Arrival," Feb. 20, 2020, EUCOM, "Exercise Defender-Europe 20 Update," March 11, 2020, U.S. Army Europe and Africa, "Exercise Defender-Europe 20 UPDATE," March 16, 2020, PolitiFact, "What is QAnon, the baseless conspiracy spilling into US politics?" Do you know if they do have these iris-type of metal things that could be used like that, that open and close for air ventilation? The NMCS had begun to go through its own changes in the 1970s, as well. Schulz says HNTB fitted sections of Kalwalla translucent, polymer panelinto the southern wall so natural light could illuminate the hangar and curb energy consumption. Insider Revelations of ET Autopsies, Crash Retrievals, Time Travel., DARK JOURNALIST: SECRET WORLD OF UFOS & UNDERGROUND BASES! Begley has found the coordinates for 650 bases, and published pictures for 644 of them. The pictures can be viewed at Trona, CA, 35 45.5 N 1 7722.6 W -several miles northwest of Trona, directly under . The nearby town of Znamensk was established in secret to support the scientists and engineers who worked at Kapustin Yar. It is known to many as Russias Roswell.. Examples are: Cheyenne Mountain Complex Chiashan Air Force Base Iranian underground missile bases Raven Rock Mountain Complex Zeljava Air Base There may be more than 10,000 underground military facilities worldwide. This video, Schnieder's last, was filmed in November 1995 and is a tour of force on the DUMB's subject. Edwards Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. Location: Cheyenne Mountain Complex Air Force Station, Colo.: Background: This iconic underground base has been inspiring science fiction writers and awing engineers since 1966. Two entrances to the underground bunker complex are visible along the upper left portion of the snaking road.. One of the EC-135J aircraft, now on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Arizona.. A portion of the 1963 pitch for the DUCC from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.. A map showing the locations of, left to right, the Pentagon, the State Department's headquarters, and the White House. Read more about our partnership with Facebook. Read more The domes were placed on top of the foundation, and then the water is pumped out from the inside of the dome. From end to end, Diego Garcia is 34 miles long, but its total area is only 11 square miles. Unlike any fortification on earth, the Deep Underground Command Center was intended to withstand multiple direct hits from giant nukes on Doomsday. Background: Americas first jet, the Bell P-59, made its debut flight on October 1, 1942 at Muroc Dry Lake, now known as Edwards Air Force Base. The comments below have not been moderated, By They house full-running hospitals. DR. RICHARD SAUDER, Corey Goode - Secret Space Programs & Break Away Civilizations, Jeff Rense & William Tompkins - Underground Tunnels & New UFO Physics.. He's already been wounded in a previous battle with the Greys and it's not over yet. . And these are private corporations that I spoke of that are running these things.[6]. "Studies indicate that the fixed facilities of this complex [the NMCS] and their communications could be eliminated with reasonably high probability by a small number (6-10) of 10 megaton weapons, resulting in only the aircraft and the ships surviving," according to a draft memorandum from McNamara's office meant for then-President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 7, 1963. There are two of them that are 60 feet tall by 450 feet long. Tram and gondola. Wisdom Teachings: Episode 146. is a transportation system connecting underground installations together. As part of the Obama Administration's ongoing efforts to. They travel at a speed that excels the speed of sound. . Over the years, they've used many different ways of doing it, from using conventional or . A stand-alone prequel book is planned for later in 2020, likely in summer. It's worth noting that the most powerful nuclear weapon ever built, the Soviet Union's Tsar Bomba, of which it only ever built one, had a yield of 50 megatons.

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